Welcome to the Home Page of Court Lane Infant School Community Association, or 'CLICA' for short. We are the Parent Staff Association for Court Lane Infant School.

We are a registered charity, number:1162322. There are currently 10 trustees, our details can be found in the 'July 2016 AGM' attachment below.

Over the year we organise lots of fun activities for your children to enjoy on their own and/or with you. Events like Discos, Summer Picnics and Christmas events. Please see the below for a list of potential upcoming dates and keep an eye on the School Newsletter which will confirm dates in due time.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you soon.

The CLICA team

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday 10th July 2017 - CLICA'S Annual General Meeting

CLICA's Annual General Meeting: 10th July, 7-9pm

The Annual General Meeting is where we form next year's committee members and volunteers, decide dates for future events, meetings, get togethers and plan fundraising targets for the coming year. All with the help of treats and wine.

CLICA is looking for a new treasurer, secretary and chair this year, but the current people are happy to stay within the group for the coming year and support the new people coming through, if you are interested please read the recruitment letter below for more details.

It would be lovely to see some current and new faces, maybe to sign up for an event, or a role, or just to find out what's happening and pass on some ideas.

If you are planning on coming let us know through texting Jodie on 07779 022982, Facebook C.L.I.C.A or email, so we know to bring enough, but also feel free to make a last minute decision.

We look forward to seeing you.


See our recent letters and how you can help below.